LEAP Learning BI 5

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LEAP Learning BI 5 - (6 days)

Six (6) Days of Powerful Learning to Combine & Utilise the LEAP Protocols to Balance Loss of Brain Integration!

LEAP Learning. Putting it all together.


What you will Learn in the LEAP Learning Enhancement Performance Seminar:

Assessment and Correction of Specific Learning Difficulties with the Brain Integration Correction Protocol, and Understanding How the Brain Learns.

    • Review of Anatomy & Physiology of the Brain
    • Core Concepts of the Cognitive Functions underlying Reading, Writing, Spelling & Mathematics.
    • Understanding Perceptual – Motor Development – How to know what Problems need to be addressed.
    • Review of A & P of Memory Systems
    • Assessing and Correcting Auditory & Short-term Memory.
    • Assessing and Correcting Visual Short-term Memory.
    • Assessing and Correcting Visuospatial skills underlying reasoning.
    • Assessing and Correcting Alphabet/Numbers and 
    • Assessing and Correcting Writing.
    • Assessing and Correcting Reading: Scotopic Sensitivity.
    • Assessing and Correcting Reading: Eusophoria.
    • Assessing and Correcting Reading: Coloured Gel Procedure.
    • Assessing and Correcting Reading: Reading Comprehension.
    • Assessing and Correcting Spelling: A Visual Protocol for Spelling.
    • Assessing and Correcting Mathematics.
    • Defusing Negative Attitudes affecting Performance and Learning.
    • Defusing Negative Attitudes affecting Self Confidence & Self Esteem.

Prerequisites: LEAP Brain Integration 1 – 4.
AP & the Brain (AP Brain Physiology) are strongly recommended where available. 
The 7 Ch’i Keys (balancing 9 different types of chakra imbalances with acupressure) is highly recommended to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of balancing.

*The LEAP courses are fully accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association for either Kinesiology or 50% Anatomy and Physiology hours.

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