Media Kits

What is a Media Kit?

One of the most consistent things my students talk about is how to market kinesiology in their business.

One of the best things I have learnt along the way is to invite my clients and students onto the training journey with me.

A teammate and I have developed a media kit for each of my training modules to allow my students and colleagues to promote your business and the wonderful modality of kinesiology.

Each media kit contains graphics that can be immediately implemented on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we have suggested ‘copy’ or words for you to immediately use. We’ve done all the thinking for you so all you have to do is promote your new skills.

These Media Kits can be used to promote your newly or soon to be acquired skills if you’ve enrolled in a module.

Choose from the Module Media Kits below by clicking on the ‘buy now’ button. Each Media Kit is only $25 or purchase a bundle of 5 kits for the price of 4. Simply email Jacque the kits you want after making a purchase.

Choose a Media Kit from the following courses:

Buy 4 Get 5 Media Kits

Buy 4 Get 5 Media Kit Bundle Offer

Make your bundle purchase and then email Jacque directly with the 5 kits you want!

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