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LEAP BI 2 – (6 days)

BI 2 is the 2nd course in the original LEAP Brain Integration series.

The next Step – going deeper into the Survival Systems of the Brain.

  • Core Concepts of Neurology & Neurophysiology of the Reticular Activating System.
  • Kinesiological Formats for the Reticular Nuclei.
  • Core Concepts of Neurology & Neurophysiology of the Brainstem & Brainstem Nuclei.
  • PAG (Periaquaductal Grey Matter) the seat of the Proto-self.
  • PVG (Periventricular Grey Matter) & Deeper Brainstem Switching.
  • Vestibular System: the Vestibular Apparatus & Nuclei & their role the control of Posture and Equilibrium.
  • Pontine & Parabrachial Nuclei: the Emotional & Mental Relays.
  • Core Concepts of Neurology & Neurophysiology of the Cerebellum & Deep Cerebellar Nuclei.
  • Evolution of the Cerebellum.
  • Cerebellum and Motor function.
  • Cerebellar Connectivity.
  • Deep Cerebellar Nuclei: Structure and Function.
  • Sensory & Motor Spinal Tracts.
  • Kinesiological Formatting for all of the above and how they inter-relate.
  • Applications of Brainstem & Cerebellar formatting in Clinical Situations.
  • The Emotional & Mental Modulatory Circuits of the brain.
  • The 3 Pillars: The next step in core energy stability through the chakras and endocrine system.

LEAP courses are fully accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association for either Kinesiology or 50% Anatomy and Physiology hours.

Prerequisites: Brain Integration 1 or LEAP FT 1.


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