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Basket Weaver / Can Opener – (3 days)

The Applied Physiology Hologram Series is a revolutionary approach to discover and resolve your hidden patterns of stress using one fully integrated step-by-step procedure. This is an incredible Kinesiological synthesis by Richard Utt that takes you into the exciting world of the Human Hologram and allows you to access the primary meridian-organ relationship and the vital secondary connections with every other meridian in the body!

CAN OPENER: This first day of the combined workshop will enable you to understand and identify the stages of acute, compensated, and chronic or degenerative stress. “Clearing” these stresses from each Meridian-related Hologram often results in profound improvements in the function of meridian-related organs. This procedure is highly effective with specific organ-related problems and is excellent for enabling the Practitioner to focus on and clear stress in a specific organ-related issue independently. We look at each specific meridian and its relationship to all of the other meridians.

This blockage in energy flow can be balanced by the use of flower essences, colour, light or deep touch acupressure, sound, and affirmations from the Attitude with Essence course.  We will also be able to utilize corrections learned in the Basket Weaver course – change your “can’t” into “can”!

Results of the Hologram procedure are far-reaching and often miraculous.

BASKET WEAVER: These 2 days of the workshop introduce four new exciting holographic models and corrective techniques.
The Acu-Touch hologram enables the practitioner to pinpoint precisely the area of the body to touch and the type of nurturing touch to apply.
Hand and foot reflexology holograms are introduced to enhance body energy detoxification.
The finale to this holographic model shows the genealogy model and how individuals bring energies into this lifetime from previous generations.
The Basket Weaver program allows the practitioner to jump from meridian to meridian stitching the client’s broken energies back together.  This approach helps clients develop self-mastery and an understanding of long-held stress patterns.

This course is perfect for beginners or experienced Kinesiologists.

Prerequisites: Attitude with Essence as an introductory course into the Applied Physiology Holographic system.

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