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LEAP FT 2  – (3 days)

Prerecorded February 2022

Take a QUANTUM LEAP in Understanding how to Correct and resolve blocks that affect survival systems.

LEAP Training – is a multi-module Learning Experience that will help you change many people’s lives by disclosing the real “Cause” of Specific Life and Learning Difficulties and providing a Step-by-Step approach to their Resolution. 

LEAP Foundation Training 2 includes:

  1. Introduction to Brainstem Anatomy & functions of regions including the Reticulating Activating System (RAS),            Orientation System – Vestibular, Vestibulocerebellum.
  2. Learn to format & balance Commissures;
    Anterior Commissure, Amygdala Commissure,
    Anterior Thalamic Nucleus, & Hippocampal Commissure
  3. Understand how to work with Emotions – Trust & Appreciation & Fear of Failure/Success with the Commissures.
  4. The PVSS – controlling our behavioural and physiological responses to Fight/Flight – and where we store past trauma and Deep Survival Switching.
  5. The 3 Pillars – taking Deep Survival Switching to a new level – integrating with Chakras and the endocrine system to provide a stable physical and emotional structure.

LEAP FT 2 provides you with an in-depth understanding of the Brains Survival Systems using the totally unique LEAP procedures developed by Dr. Charles Krebs.

LEAP is a way to open your clients to a new way of seeing and resolving stress in their lives!


LEAP FT 2 Prerequisite: LEAP-FT 1 or LEAP BI 1. LEAP teaches you how to access, format and work with Specific Learning dysfunction but requires you to utilize your repertoire of skills for correction.


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